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  • @sam
    Sequans has not enabled all the bands in the LTE modem firmware, these will come later (I don't have a date yet)

    We are working on arbitrary AT commands from MicroPython. Currently you can add them at the C level / custom firmware as a I suggested in my previous answer. Another way to access the modem (only on the FiPy) is through the LTE_RX, TX, CTS, RTS pins (3.3V levels). You can hold the ESP32 in reset while doing so. Serial rate is 921600bps 8N1 CTS/RTS flow control

  • @jmarcelino
    no traffic observed on random access channels. maybe its not even locking onto the frequency.
    any reason why it doesnt support all the bands pycom said they would as part of Gpy? (ie: B8)

    how do we get to AT prompt on the Gpy/Fipy so we can run the band lock AT command?

  • @redferne
    AT!="addscanfreq band=3 dl-earfcn=1575"

    should force the modem to scan band 3.

    (you can find this command in the source already as cmd_Freq, just need to change the parameters and add it to the init sequence GSM_Init[])

    Note this is a debug command should not be used in public networks.

  • @jmarcelino

    I have just built the GPy firmware from the github repo pycom-micropython-sigfox. Added some AT commands to see why our GPy refuses to attach to our internal M1/NB network on band 3, but a network scan using AT+COPS=? comes up empty. Could you please share any Sequans AT commands to help out?

  • Thanks @sam,

    The current modem firmware supports bands 3, 4, 12, 13, 20, 28 but in test environments it's possible the module doesn't auto-scan all those frequencies (we're really aiming for Verizon band 13 because that's what's under certification) You probably need other settings as well. In your test environment are you able to observe traffic from the modem (PRACH for example?)

    There is a manual command to force a frequency which will be available when we support arbitrary AT commands in a upcoming release very soon along with other improvements.

  • @jmarcelino we are testing this on our own lab network. im afraid issues are not related to network certification.

  • @sam
    Which network is this please?

    We are improving the LTE stack but the reality is we don’t have network certification yet so many networks will not let you connect. Other devices probably have this certification already.

    We hope to have news on certification and also an update to the LTE stack this coming week.

  • please share your experience with the device (fipy or gpy)... keen to see if anyone has made better progress other than flashing firmware

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