URGENT info for Linux users - new updater tool version v1.10.0.b3 - FiPy device reset

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    A new version of the firmware update tool for Linux has been released.

    This fixes an urgent issue causing FiPy and LoPy4 devices not to have proper Sigfox credentials assigned when using the dialog based cli update script on Linux.

    I have identified 16 FiPy devices in our database that are currently affected by this issue. Unfortunately I will have to remove those 16 devices from our database, and if you have been affected by this issue, you will have to select your device details again during the next firmware update.

    If you experience any issues following your device reset, please email support@pycom.io

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    @xykon New version 1.10.0.b4 is now available. You can download it directly via this link.

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    @sioo I'm not sure how it happened but you're right, the LoPy4 option has disappeared from the latest script... I'll check this now and will get a new script uploaded as soon as possible.

    Please first of all send me you mac address. You can get this from the REPL via:

    import machine,binascii

    Please send me the output of this command via personal message or via email to support@pycom.io and I will reset your device.

    Can you please check if the command python lopyupdate.py is working? This should get you the GUI version.

    Otherwise please wait until I have checked the script to make sure the LoPy4 selection is working properly.

  • LoPy4 is not shown in the ask device dialog. Looked through the code and noticed that LoPy4 is not present as an selection in device_dialog().
    Unfortunately, before doing the above and added LoPy4 as selection, I picked Lopy for my LoPy4 so I got that firmware instead. Now when I select LoPy4 I still get the lopy firmware. But I tried messing around setting firmware_type to lopy4.lopy4 with esp32.868, and sure enough I got the Lopy4 firmware but when I try retrieving sigfox device id it reads as ffffffff and sigfox pac number ffffffffffffffff, which cant be right?

  • I was one of the 16th. No problems here. Good work.

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