GPy NB-IoT modem FW release?

  • Re: Any GPy/FiPy NB-IoT modem FW news?

    I´ve checked in documentation that NB-IoT available firmware would be ready early this year. How is going the process? This tecnology is key for our solutions.
    Thanks in advance!

  • I think the same information formatted as a table, in a separate post or page, linked from the relevant places (the product pages on the site, the documentation...), and updated as necessary (with the last update date, and the relevant required firmware version) would probably help lots of people.

    I'm personally not interested at the moment in those, but when I see the number of questions on the topic, I'm pretty sure those who are would love to get access to that information quickly.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • Hi @jcaron,

    Please see 4) on the latest update:

    "Verizon Certification on CAT M1 is now complete for all cellular modules/boards: FiPy, GPy and G01 modules. We are now focusing on T-Mobile US and Vodafone in the near term (NB IOT). Others will follow short term including many Networks carrying out the certifications themselves with our support. We will keep you updated on the complete list regularly. Many of these agreements will involve Roaming so one SIM will work globally (subject to roaming agreements)."

    That is all the information we can offer now.

  • @jmarcelino given the recurring question about support for the various protocols and carriers, I think it would be helpful to have a quick summary of the situation per protocol, band, and network.

    Something like “currently testing” / “waiting for certification” / “waiting for new firmware from Sequans” / “planned for quarter X”... / “not supported” etc.

  • @jmarcelino I'm interested in T-Mobile, Germany, and other operated countries.

  • @jmarcelino Hi ,
    What about romanian market , i mean Vodafone , Orange , Telekom ? Do you know if pycom have any agreement with these operators ?

  • @jmarcelino Thanks for the feedback!
    I´m interested in Vodafone,Movistar,Orange and Yoigo in Spain (all main operators)
    This are LTE bands 20 and 3.
    Will GPy work for this operators?

    Thanks again!

  • @georgeeisin

    We're definitely supporting NB-IoT, already in testing and will have news on this how to enable it within a few weeks.

    Would you mind sharing which country / operators you're interested in please?


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