What platforms does Pycom boards support?

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to gain an understanding of what platforms can be used with the Pycom modules, and what it means for development.

    1. Pymakr:
      The pycom-supported option seems to be pymakr plugin for Visual Studio / Atom / etc. That's just micropython, and you have to load the micropython firmware onto the pycom module first.

    2. Native ESP-IDF
      Since it's basically an ESP32, can any of the Pycom be programmed the "native way" with the ESP-IDF?

    3. MongooseOS
      I did a search and found some mention of MongooseOS working with Pycom boards, but not much details.

    4. Arduino?

    Basically, should any ESP32 compatible platform also work with the Pycom boards? There are aspects of other ESP32 platforms that have examples that you might need (for example, working with a specific peripheral on the ESP-IDF for which there are no libraries in micropython). It would be nice to be able to take advantage of those libraries.

  • @pynew ....support Arduino too

  • @pynew

    1. true - standard pycom firmware and you can play
    2. yes but for any other board then wipy 2 or 3 you need more work to support e.g. lora, sigfox ..
    3. not used yet self
    4. -||-

    but for me it is the best point 1Ex ;-)
    Point 1 but with custom firmware - we have source code. Then we can implement any code in C and also with python. You can e.g. migrate arduino native C libs and use.

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