New firmware release 0.9.4.b1

  • Dear All,

    Enclosed is confirmation of the firmware update for this week:
    • Updated file system layer which fixes the problem of net being able to delete a file after the file system was completely full.
    • MicroPython core updated to the latest version.
    • Fix for the watchdog timer problem and FTP server instability.

    The new firmware can be found in: (under the Firmware Updates section)

    Unfortunately we have been unable to add Bluetooth coexistence to this firmware release as the code provided by Espressif still causes the module to crash. We are organizing a series of calls with Espressif to resolve the issue and I will report back very shortly. I expect to have some news tomorrow. Clearly this is disappointing and I share your frustration. We will get this cracked but clearly we need some more time.

    Monday next week we aim to release the following update:
    • Support for changing the CPU frequency via the machine module.
    • An update to the LoRa stack.
    • More bug fixes and stability improvements.
    • Preliminary support for interrupts via callbacks allowing memory allocation within the interrupt handlers.
    • Improvements to multi-threading.

    We will also prioritize the floating point bug which has already been confirmed by Espressif to be caused by a bug in their gcc xtensa compiler.

    After these releases, the development team will focus on platform stability. We expect the last ESP32 IDF later this month.

    I understand the frustration some of you have been experiencing. Please continue to report all issues through the forum and via email if easier We are in the privileged position of working closely with the Espressif developers on a daily basis as this is not just a Pycom dev team effort. It does however show the level of complexity we are dealing with and we remain very confident that the modules true capabilities will be brought to life very shortly. As soon as Espressif is able to supply the necessary IDF changes then the key features missing will be enabled.


  • @heyajohnny it will be done for the 1.0 release planned for mid December.

  • I'd like to know when you're planning to implement the sleep modes. I'm really looking forward to this function (and the main reason I bought a wipy 2).

  • @jonirons Not yet, but we are working on using an issue tracker that will make this possible (most likely GitHub). From now on feel free to report new issues at

  • @daniel Is there a way we can find out which bugs have been already reported, and which are being worked on?



  • please add post edit option in "Announcements"
    i can not fix my language errors ;-)

    especially most stable instead of stables ;-)

  • Updated without any problem.

    >>> import os
    >>> os.uname()
    (sysname='WiPy', nodename='WiPy', release='0.9.4.b1', version='bc42ea7 on 2016-11-14', machine='WiPy with ESP32')

    all my previous crashing test - work now without problem
    I suppose that this is stables version.

    but still Pymakr can not connect to my WiPy 2.0
    i got message

    pymakr - Error getting versions information
    The versions information could not be downloaded for the last 7 days. Please go online and try again.

    and trying to connect by pymakr

    Error while communicating with the Pycom device! (click to attempt to reconnect)
    Connecting to a Pycom device...

    restart my WyPy device

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