How to install pycom-esp-idf to modify firmware.

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to install pycom-esp-idf since two days and I'm completly lost...
    I've red thousand of topics an none describe the procedure in details.
    I've installed first MSYS2 on my Windows based PC and get it uptodate.
    But then, where do I install the different repository (pycom-esp-idf and pycom-micropyton-sigfox), on the home user path ?
    Can someone give me a picture of the tree of all the repository needed ?

  • @robert-hh I have the same problem with ""...
    I've tryed with "" to follow a procedure on a tuto.
    I use the git command directly from msys32 (mingw32.exe). Is that your question ?
    At my office I have Windows 8 and all the installion goes well but at the end I get issues with make function. At home I have Windows 10 and with the same installing procedure I get issues while installing.

  • @bbel91 for the Pycom software you must clone the pycom-esp-idf at
    And, just of interest, which git client are you using?
    Edit: I just tried to clone pycom-esp-idf on a windows 10 machine using git bash, and it worked well.

  • @robert-hh thanks for your reply.
    I have a new issue under Windows 10 (but not with Windows 8...) :

    Bruno@DESKTOP-BMDS53S MINGW32 ~/esp
    $ git clone
    Clonage dans 'esp-idf'...
    0 [main] git-remote-https 14872 child_info_fork::abort: C:\msys32\usr\bin\msys-icudata59.dll: Loaded to different address: parent(0x30A0000) != child(0x3050000)
    error: cannot fork() for fetch-pack: Resource temporarily unavailable

    An idea for a possible reason ?

  • @bbel91

    mpy-cross is not in the "pycom-esp-idf" repository... it is the "pycom-micropython-sigfox" !

    That's right, and that's the place to build mpy-cross. mpy-cross is a part of micropython.

  • @livius Thanks but it's not what it is discribe in this procedure...
    They also write :

    $ cd pycom-esp-idf
    $ git submodule update --init
    Finally, before building, export the IDF_PATH variable

    $ export IDF_PATH=~/pycom-esp-idf
    Prior to building the main firmware, you need to build mpy-cross

    $ cd mpy-cross && make clean && make && cd ..

    but mpt-cross is not in the "pycom-esp-idf" repository... it is the "pycom-micropython-sigfox" !

  • @bbel91
    if you are on the user folder in MSYS2 console you must go to the top cd.. cd..
    and you then clone pycom-esp-idf and pycom-micropyton-sigfox there
    and as result you will have (i write from memory)


    to build firmware remember to do first after MSYS2 installed:

    pacman -Syu
    pacman -Su

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