[DONE] porting FRAM SPI library for Fujitsu MB85RS64VPNF question

  • Hi there,

    So I'm looking to store some data on a 8k of Fujitsu MB85RS64VPNF FRAM since I need to track a lot of events before I can send it up using LoRa. Also storing LoRa OTAA sequence numbers and keys would be nice since the internal flash is not suitable for so many writes I'm intending to do.

    I've got myself some Adafruit breakout board which performs nicely when running the ESP32 Arduino on the LoPy. I'm still inclined to do a Python port which I'll put on Github.

    Can someone point me to a nice library which also uses SPI I can use as a starting point / boilerplate? Any suggestions are welcome.


  • Thanks for porting this over, great work!

  • Done. I've ported a version of the Adafruit c++ library with all the member functions as-is. Included in the repository is also an example. I've only used the LoPy hardware SPI, but I do not see why a soft-pin SPI shouldn't work at these low speeds.



  • @livius This was indeed my starting point as I've used this particular library for an ESP32 Arduino setup on the same hardware: LoPy with an Adafruit SPI FRAM Breakout. I'm intending to port this exact library.

    I'm looking for an existing Python library which uses SPI I can use as a boilerplate or best practice.


  • @smeedy
    only in C++

    but it is not so long and should be simple to port
    i do not have this FRAM then can not try it self..

    just curious from where did you got this one?

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