problems with I2C (OSError: I2C bus error)

  • Hi";
    i'm developing a driver for connecting the I2C based MAG3110 magnetometer to the Wipy, and i'm experiencing somre problems i don't know how to solve. the problem is that with the same code, sometimes it works ok, and i get the x, y and z values, and sometimes i get an "OSError: I2C bus error" message. where can be the problem? any help will be really appreciated. thanks

    Note: No external pull-up resistors are used

    from machine import I2C
    import binascii
    import time
    _MAG3110_I2C_ADDRESS = const(0x0E)
    _MAG3110_DR_STATUS = const(0x00)
    _MAG3110_OUT_X_MSB = const(0x01)
    _MAG3110_WHO_AM_I = const(0x07)
    _MAG3110_CTRL_REG1 = const(0x10)
    _MAG3110_CTRL_REG2 = const(0x11)
    _MAG3110_WHO_AM_I_RSP = const(0xC4)
    _MAG3110_ACTIVE_MODE = const(0x01)
    _MAG3110_X_AXIS = const(1)
    _MAG3110_Y_AXIS = const(3)
    _MAG3110_Z_AXIS = const(5)
    class MAG3110:
        def __init__(self, i2c, addr=_MAG3110_I2C_ADDRESS):
            self.i2c = i2c
            self.addr = addr
            self.value = 0
            self.reg = bytearray(1)
            self.calibrationMode = False
            self.activeMode = False
            self.rawMode = False
            self.calibrated = False
        def setOffset(self, axis, offset):
            offset = offset << 1
            msbAddress = axis + 8
            lsbAddress = msbAddress + 1
            print((bytes((offset >> 8) & 0xFF)))
            self.i2c.writeto_mem(self.addr, msbAddress, b"\x00")
            self.i2c.writeto_mem(self.addr, lsbAddress, b"\x00")
        def reset(self):
            self.i2c.writeto_mem(self.addr, _MAG3110_CTRL_REG1, b"\x00") #writeregister(MAG3110_CTRL_REG1)
            self.i2c.writeto_mem(self.addr, _MAG3110_CTRL_REG2, b"\x80") #writeregister(MAG3110_CTRL_REG2)
            self.calibrationMode = False
            self.activeMode = False
            self.rawMode = False
            self.calibrated = False
            self.setOffset(_MAG3110_X_AXIS, 0)
            self.setOffset(_MAG3110_Y_AXIS, 0)
            self.setOffset(_MAG3110_Z_AXIS, 0)
        def initialize(self):
            whoami = self.i2c.readfrom_mem(self.addr, _MAG3110_WHO_AM_I, 1)
            if whoami[0] == _MAG3110_WHO_AM_I_RSP:
                print("MAG3110 connected");
                return True
                print("Could not find MAG3110 connected!");
                return False
        def start(self):
            self.activeMode = True
            self.i2c.readfrom_mem_into(self.addr, _MAG3110_CTRL_REG1, self.reg)
            self.reg[0] |= _MAG3110_ACTIVE_MODE
            self.i2c.writeto_mem(self.addr, _MAG3110_CTRL_REG1, self.reg)
        def dataReady(self):
            self.i2c.readfrom_mem_into(self.addr, _MAG3110_DR_STATUS, self.reg)
            return((self.reg[0] & 0x08) >> 3)
        def readMag(self):
            data = bytearray(6)
            data = self.i2c.readfrom_mem(self.addr, _MAG3110_X_AXIS, 6)
            x_t = (data[0] << 8) + data[1]
            y_t = (data[2] << 8) + data[3]
            z_t = (data[4] << 8) + data[5]
            return x_t, y_t, z_t
    i2c = I2C(0, I2C.MASTER, baudrate=400000)
    mag3110_m = MAG3110(i2c, addr=_MAG3110_I2C_ADDRESS)
        if mag3110_m.dataReady():
            x, y, z = mag3110_m.readMag()

  • @fbt said in problems with I2C (OSError: I2C bus error):

    Note: No external pull-up resistors are used

    Any reason for no pull-ups?

  • Hi @seb, yes, you are right ... i tried with 100k and it improves, but still appears some I2C errors. thanks

  • @fbt

    The datasheet for that sensor states that the maximum clock is 400KHz, you said you are using 4000000, which is 4MHz but looking at your code you have correctly set it to 400KHz. The datasheet says the clock can be between 0 and 400KHz so just to test it try lowering the clock down to 100KHz (standard speed) and see if this does improve anything

  • @fbt Hia gain, attached you can find a sample output ... @jmarcelino , can it be related to the use of a baudrate of 4000000 ... any clue will be appreciated. thanks

    0_1519211792388_error.jpg image url)

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