LoPy competition

  • Is anyone aware of other LoRa/SigFox/etc. boards using the ESP32? I try to get a feel for how much LoPy/SigPy are ahead of the curve.

    From the (limited) exposure I had to LoRa hardware, most vendors/project push ESP8266 [1] or go with some X86/ARM industrial SoC with a separate radio board connected in one way or another.

    Can anyone confirm, deny, add? Thanks.

    Edit: [1] or other, less powerful chips, including the Arduino range (Why?)

  • @MrPy Sad isn't it? Twice the price for double the frustration during development. ;-)

  • None that I am aware of using ESP32, I have come across less powerful modules that use Arduino H/w but they are almost double the cost...

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