Arduino IDE Support - Kickstarter's Stretch Goal

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    Arduino IDE Support as Kickstarter's Stretch Goal was reached. Any news about that? When and for who it will be available? Only for KS backers?

  • Is there any progress on Arduino support?

  • @duffo64 I agree that it is better to wait so they can first finish the MicroPython solution. But I'm still interested in some kind of roadmap. ;-)

  • I am eagerly awaiting this too, but until ESP-IDF is not stable I think that Pycom would only double the actual number of unhappy users...
    Let IDF gain a decent level of stability. I also have ESP32 from sparkfun, but it relies on arduino for ESP32 that is an immature environment.

  • I only refresh question
    is this on some roadmap?
    You must know that the competition is not sleeping.
    Look on sparkfun ESP32 - not working well but in progress..

  • Is there any progress or roadmap planning for the Arduino support? My assumption was/is that this will be in the form of board support and a library with some example code.

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  • It would be based on the Arduino core for ESP32, with the addition of some board support library for LoRa (only on LoPy, WiPy 2.0 simply doesn't have it), the RGB LED, and selecting WiFi antenna. No idea how far along it is. The LoPy is already programmable in C, using the ESP-IDF support package, which is what the MicroPython port uses. That's still a bit incomplete though, early days but I for one appreciate the opportunity to tag along.

  • I read now Kickstarter campain but do not understand it as a whole.
    Is does it mean that we will be able to program in C and use Arduino libs for LoPy?
    If above is true is this also for WiPy or only for LoPy?

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