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    Hi All,

    Found this old thread about documentation for the lora object. Have there been any recent updates? I'd really like to see all the functions and their parameters fully explained:

    <LoRa>object is of type LoRa
    init -- <function>
    join -- <function>
    tx_power -- <function>
    bandwidth -- <function>
    frequency -- <function>
    coding_rate -- <function>
    preamble -- <function>
    sf -- <function>
    power_mode -- <function>
    rssi -- <function>
    has_joined -- <function>
    add_channel -- <function>
    remove_channel -- <function>
    mac -- <function>
    LORA -- 0
    LORAWAN -- 1
    OTAA -- 0
    ABP -- 1
    ALWAYS_ON -- 0
    TX_ONLY -- 1
    SLEEP -- 2
    BW_125KHZ -- 0
    BW_500KHZ -- 2
    CODING_4_5 -- 1
    CODING_4_6 -- 2
    CODING_4_7 -- 3
    CODING_4_8 -- 4
    OTAA -- 0
    ABP -- 1

    Also, can the deveui be modified by the user or must the value returned by the mac function be used?


    Ted Bradshaw

  • Hi,

    We are actually working on improving our documentation. We'll release the first part soon, which should at least clarify if something doesn't work as expected. Our final goal is to have what @tbradshaw mentions: We'll make sure that all functions work as expected and document clearly their arguments and return values.

    Stay tuned :)

  • don't hold your breath on expecting anything soon, they working on the FiPy and fixing the LoPy has no priority

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