Is this a silly question regarding Antenna's.. and frequency

  • I have ordered some antenna from the internet for wifi, lte and lora...these antenna all look the it possible to determine which antenna supports which frequency? Does it matter? Is it possible to determine which frequency it supports?

  • Antennas should be tuned to optimize their potential to radiate the signal you need.

    One of the most important measures is VSWR - - this is dependent on the frequency range you’re interested in.

    So your antennas - while looking the same - are (or should be) tuned to particular frequencies.
    If you use the wrong antenna then you “lose” a lot of the signal and your range can drastically reduce.

    To know for sure you need an equipment called a VNA which unfortunatelly tends to be very expensive. That’s why if your concerned you should use reputable manufacturers who provide test reports you can trust.

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