Lopy: USB connection not appearing after update to 0.9.2.b2b

  • Hello,

    I have just received and updated the lopy to 0.9.2.b2b, but now I do not see any USB serial port on the computer anymore. I can still connect via wifi+telnet, but this is rather hard for development.

    Has anyone seen or even fixed this problem?



  • I have just found the issue in arch linux having upgraded the kernel and thus making the module for usbserial support unavailable. So not related to lopy at all, sorry for the noise!

  • Hi,

    First I would advice to upgrade to the latest firmware version: https://www.pycom.io/support/supportdownloads/ At the moment that's 0.9.4.b1.

    Which operating system are you using? I just connected a LoPy with the latest firmware version and I can see it on the Mac as /dev/tty.usbserial-DQ008MUZ

    I can connect to it using screen /dev/tty.usbserial-DQ008MUZ 115200

    Let us know if that helps

  • Why to 0.9.2.b2b? there is 0.9.4..

    but if you can not connect by COM you can run LoPy in self boot mode and then connect and upgrade it to most recent version of firmware
    here is the link to safe boot mode

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