I2C bus error after sending standby cmd to GPS

  • I'm trying to put the GPS in standby mode using the PMTK command specified in the documentations, but everytime the command is executed: I get an I2C bus error, which I don't understand why.

    • hw_version 3
    • fw_version 8
    • product_id 61459
    • firmware: v0.0.8

    Is this a bug? Anybody else who experienced the same problem?

    def gpsStandby(self):
            print('Sending standby cmd to gps...')
            standby = "$PMTK161,0*28\r\n"
            self.i2c.writeto(GPS_I2CADDR, standby)

  • Once the GPS module goes into standby the i2c stops working, you can no longer wake it up via i2c, all you can do is a reset via the pytracks deep sleep function.

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