Nano- gateway rssi

  • @seb
    yes, i am using the pycom module as a nano gateway where the node will send the information to the gateway which using the lora.stats() . But the tx power that i obtain is 20dBm regardless how long or how short the distance is. Is it still applicable to use the tx power?

  • @mj

    TX power should be the power of the device that is transmitting, the gateway in your case. Are you using a pycom module as a nano-gateway? The RSSI should be taken from lora.stats on the receiving nodes.

  • @seb Now i get your point. But then how can i get the power measured in order to fulfill the formula of counting distance?

  • @mj

    I'm afraid I don't quite follow your question. The TX power given by lora stats is the TX power of the module which unless you change will always remain the same regardless of distance. RSSI is the value that changes with distance.

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