Sipy + Deep Sleep Shield, max deepsleep time 45 minutes

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with DeepSleep functionality using Sipy and DeepSleep Shield modules. I am doing a go_to_sleep call, with 60 seconds and the device works fine entering deep sleep during about 60 s and the device wakes up successfully.

    The problem is when I try to do the same for 1 hour or 1 day, independently on the value that I set (high values), the device wakes up after 45 minutes. I disable the other wake up pins:
    ds.disable_wake_on_raise([''P10', 'P17', 'P18'])
    ds.disable_wake_on_fall(['P10', 'P17', 'P18'])

    And it continues waking up after 45 minutes (more or less). I print the wake up statues after wake up and this is the result:
    {'P10': 0, 'wake': 16, 'P18': 0, 'P17': 0}

    And if I add this code:
    if wake_s['wake'] == deepsleep.PIN_WAKE:
    print("Pin wake up")
    elif wake_s['wake'] == deepsleep.TIMER_WAKE:
    print("Timer wake up")
    else: # deepsleep.POWER_ON_WAKE:
    print("Power ON reset")

    The result is "Timer wake up" but the provided time has not beer achieve.

    Do you know about waht issue could be happening here? I need to set up the sleep time to 1 day for covering my battery life requirements, very far now with 45 minutes of deepsleep.

    I am testing with the device conected to an usb charger directly, not with battery. Additioanlly I have checked connected to my laptop (using ATOM+pymark and usb cable) for check the wake up status, and in both cases wakes up after 45 min when I have set 60 min or 24 hours

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