DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)

  • DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is cited in LoPy and WiPy 2 pin outs as DAC_1 and DAC_2.
    Following what Expressif ESP32 says, there are 2 DAC channels.
    Section 4.5, page 21 of ESP32 datasheet says "Two 8-bit DAC channels can be used to convert two digital signals into two analog voltage signal outputs".

    But the new ESP32 (LoPy and WiPy 2) docs doesn't list DAC, nor the LoPy and WiPy 2 web pages.

    So I ask Pycom :

    • to cite the DAC feature, even with 8 bits resolution it is useful;
    • provide DAC support in MicroPython for LoPy and WiPy 2 in some future firmware.

  • Looking forward to DAC support!

  • Thanks Roberto for the fast reply.

    On a general note: I was completely unaware that the whole Pycom thing was/is Kickstarter-based. Reading the specs and docs, the WiPy sounded like a mature product ready for what I had in mind (internal demo for upper management). When I finally got the WiPy, I spend a full day on updating (broken at that time) and figuring out that half of the functionality just doesn't exist, which put me in a difficult situation with the demo.
    I think you have learned your lesson because of the sh*t storm here in the forum. This was a rough start for both you and us customers. Please keep in mind for the future that expectation management is even more important than coding or bug fixing. Make sure that people know what they can expect from you and your products before they buy and rely on them.

    Still, congrats to the Pycom team for doing a great job now in getting the community trust back,

  • Hello @rcolistete and @pohlt

    We are working hard to get the DAC working, we aim to have it for next week's firmware update. Please stay tuned on the announce page.


  • +1 for DAC support.

    This is actually the main reason why I bought a WiPy 2.0. Any estimate about when this functionality becomes available?


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