WiPy 2.0> firmware update without expansion board

  • The documentation is so annoying.

    Please, could you tell me how to upgrade the firmware to 0.9.5.b1 using WiFi-connection (using FTP or whatever)?

    Thanks in advance!

    You really have to do better/more documentation. Right now, I'm so stuck and unwilling to do anything with the WiPy, but I still want to gibve it a try.

    So please, please tell me

    • where to get the firmware files
    • how to apply the firmware upgrade using WiFi

    THANK YOU :)

  • @dan1824 As both @livius and @jmarcelino said, you need an USB to serial adapter for the first update. later updates can be done by FTP. SO I try to explain it step by step.

    1. Get an USB to Serial adapter. Choose one where you can set the output level voltage to 3.3V. Some require to solder that, some have jumpers. If you have the choice, get one with jumpers. Such an adapter is always useful to have.
    2. The Adapter has outputs called GND, TX, RX and VCC (or VDD). You need these four. Connect the adapter to you PC and connect TX and RX of the adapter. On the PC a device should be visible for the adapter which did not exist before. On Linux, it's like /dev/ttyUSB0, on Windows it's COMx, On MAC its something like /dev/cu.usbserial-xxxxxxxx. Mention that name. Now start a serial terminal program like screen, putty, picocom for that interface and type some characters. If TX and RX are connected, these should be echoed. After that step, you know that the serial adapter is working and you can communicate with it. If Linux refuses access to that port, add yourself to the dialout group and logout/login again. If that fails or you are not patient enough in that moment, run as sudo.
    3. Connect, in that order, you USB adapter with the WiPy:
      USB Adaper WiPy
    1. At that point, setting the serial terminal to 115200 Baud, you should get a REPL prompt. Two obstacles: a) TX and RX may have to be changed. The labeling on the USB adapters is not consistent. b) the USB adapter may not supply sufficient power. In that case power your WiPy directly like you did before.
    2. Now you can start the update: Tie P2 to GND. If you now push reset, you should see in the serial terminal a message, that the device waits for an update. Close the serial terminal and start the updater. You have to use the most recent version. P2 is identical to G23, so if the updater asks you to do that, you're already there. If at that point update fails, you have a server connection problem.


      As long as you obey these rules, you should not damage the WiPy.

  • @jam300
    You need to already be running one of the latest releases to upgrade via FTP.

    I suggest you get a USB to serial adapter as suggested by @livius

  • not in this moment but I can get one, Could you explain how to do it through the USB port and FTP method?

  • @jam300
    Do you have TTL/UART converter like e.g. below?

  • @dan1824 hi could you tell me please how you di it to update the firmware and to program the wipy without using the expansion boarda? thanks

  • Thank you su much! I finally got it working with your help.

    Great, man, you saved me a lot of time and confusion ;)

    Thanks again!

  • from which version
    if realy early then only by COM port it is possible
    but did you have some COM to USB cable? It is really chip.

    But you can try to upgrade by ftp. If you download upgrade
    install it and go to destination folder
    for me on windows it is
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Pycom\Pycom Firmware Update\Upgrader\firmware
    there are files e.g.
    change it to appimg.bin and copy by ftp to

    mayby it will work for you
    but really better update by COM port
    if you have not expansion board
    alt text

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