Uploading libraries to FiPy

  • Hello, I'm new to PyCom devices, having mostly programmed MCUs in C (haven't used Python much either). I'm having a little trouble getting started with the PySense. The instructions say "The various .py files should be placed into the /lib folder on the device." but I can't access the device's folders from my computer. The FiPy doesn't show up on My Computer, only in Device Manager as a COM port. I've tried on both a Windows 10 and an OS X machine. The firmware on the PySense and FiPy have both been updated to the latest versions, and I can get the FiPy to do all the RGB LED stuff in the console in Atom with the PyMakr Plugin.

    I just can't figure out how to upload the libraries so that I can access the sensors on the PySense board. Any help is appreciated.

  • @mylescai You can access the file system of your FiPy using ftp. Have a look at chapter 2.4 of the documentation: https://docs.pycom.io/chapter/toolsandfeatures/FTP.html
    That should also be possible in PyMakr. The primary obstacle is, that you might have to set the IP setting of your computers wifi temporarily to use the FiPy's access point. Later, you can reconfigure the FiPy to use your home network as a Station.

  • @mylescai If you're using Atom + Pymakr, just add a lib folder to your project, put the required files into it, and click on the Upload button.

    An alternative is to use FTP (if you use Wi-Fi), which gives you more control. There are also a few other packages that enable syncing files over USB.

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