Sync_folder in VSCode

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to upload the files I put in the scripts directory to my LoPy boards.
    My directory hierarchy is as follows:

    The pymakr.conf is :

    "address": "cu.usbserial-MYSERIAL",
    "username": "user",
    "password": "",
    "sync_folder": "scripts"

    From the documentation I expected that the 'Update' button of the VS code plugin would have uploaded only the in the scripts, but I got all the .py files uploaded to the /flash. Using 'Pymakr -> Synchronize project' gives me the error 'command 'pymakr.sync' not found'
    Is there a possibility to specify the folder where to get the files to be uploaded ?

    Thank you,

  • Hi @mariolatronico, did you find a solution in the end?
    I have a similar problem but in the "sync_file_types": field of pymakr.conf

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