Not correctly decoding USRP data

  • I tried to send message 'Hello' from USRP, but LoPy LoRa not decoding it correctly.
    it receive some garbage data. What can i do to receive it correctly?

  • @jcaron Thank you for reply, Sorry for giving less details.
    I am sending 'Hello mitcoe' message from file source as well as socket using USRP hardware and GNURadio (Matt- Gr-LoRa)
    Parameters :
    Frequency: 868MHz
    SF: 8
    Code rate: 4
    BW: 250KHz
    Sampling Rate: 250 KHz
    Header: True
    and same parameters on LoPy LoRa node.
    But i receive on LoPy LoRa some things like this
    Received data:
    1 b'\xe7\xe7+\xfa\x00MB'
    2 ��+�MB
    3 b'e7e72bfa004d42'
    (rx_timestamp=676924426, rssi=-98, snr=0.0, sfrx=8, sftx=0, tx_trials=0)
    Received data:
    1 b'\xe7\xe7\xeb\xfa\x00MB'
    2 ����MB
    3 b'e7e7ebfa004d42'
    (rx_timestamp=677851000, rssi=-98, snr=0.0, sfrx=8, sftx=0, tx_trials=0)

    My LoPy code to receive data is:
    print("In Receive Mode")
    while True:
    data = s.recv(64)
    print("Received data: "+"\n1",data)
    print ("2",data.decode('utf-8'))
    rx2tx_data = 'Rx_cnt:'+str(i)

    I am not able to receive what i sent.

    Also i am sending message multiple times but lora only receives twice or thrice.

  • @nilam without any further details of what you set up on both sides, it’s going to be extremely difficult for anyone to help you...

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