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  • Did anyone figure out, how the 10nf Touch Pin works in practice?

    I'm so curious to get this working ;)

  • @dan1824 Thanks for your feedback, which we also appreciate a lot. We are aware of the ambiguities an inconsistencies in the documentation, That's why we started to re-build them with a new format and structure. A preview of the new docs is here. It's not complete or fully accurate yet, but we plan to have it all there by the end of next week, along with clarifications of which features are already available, and which are not.


  • Hi and thank you for your response. I do appreciate your reply a lot. Yes, I do!

    BUT: WHY IN HELLcan't you state the currently enabled features of the WiPy 2.0 clearly in the documentation???

    As with the sleep() and deepsleep() topics: It is so annoying to figure out the already enabled features for oneself. And - to make it even more complicated - your PinOut-documentation (regarding touch functionslity) and the Quickstart guide (regarding power saving modes) don't make things easier, as they are leading to the assumption, that these features are already actived

  • @dan1824 the touch functionality is not enabled yet in the firmware. Once we do, we'll provide details about the hardware connections.

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