SMS and Ctrl-Z

  • Ok so having fun with the Gpy - burning some hrs with a few beers & reds, I've digressed from my intended path and run into a brick wall. So I'm wondering if someone may enlighten a noob or 2 :)

    Trying to send SMS I have below (see image)

    0_1522753478461_sms - Copy.jpg

    Flicking through Sequans manuals / ran heaps of AT cmds against modem & sim & googling myself silly, I think I'm just chasing a way to send 'ctrl-z' through to the modem via REPL console.

    Any ideas, thoughts or fruitful comments would be appreciated.


    --- > Thks Guy's - had a crack at those, putty / 0x1a, newer fw and a few others, so I'll pop this on the BBQ for later.. rskoniec nice link "thks". cheers M

  • @micksta Use a different terminal emulator which allows Ctrl-Z to pass, like Putty.

  • @micksta Ctrl-Z is 0x1a, so you could just put it in a string using \x1a.

  • Maybe this link would be helpful. Also there is newer f/w version v1.17.3.b1

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