The WiPy 2.0 is "toast" - Here is why:

  • Sorry, that i have to say this so clear and directly

    BUT: WHY IN HELL can't you state the currently enabled features of the WiPy 2.0 clearly in the documentation???

    As with the sleep() and deepsleep() topics: It is so annoying to figure out the already enabled features for oneself. And - to make it even more complicated - your PinOut-documentation (regarding touch functionslity) and the Quickstart guide (regarding power saving modes) don't make things easier, as they are leading to the assumption, that these features are already actived

    Can you imagine how time consuming (for me & us) and support-forum ressource-consuming (for you) this is?

    You can do alot better! Now, please take your chance!

    Thank you!

  • Hi @dan1824, We actually started improving our docs last week. You can find a first version of it here. Daniel made a post about it saturday. It's not done yet, but we already put some effort already to make clear which features are there and which are not there (see What's under the hood). We'll keep improving it in the coming period.

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