L01 or LoPy WiFi BLE shared antenna usage

  • Hi All,
    L01 and LoPy use the same (just one) antenna for WiFi and BLE.

    Can i send/receive data over WiFi and over BLE at the same time avoidng issue ?
    As an example: wath appen if one thread send N bytes over BLE and another async thread send 50 bytes over WiFi ?

    Thanks in advance

  • @queifaro Both WIFI and BLE work in the same frequency range, and, if not sysnchonized, will interfere. But for sending, that's the task of the driver stack. I do not know if concurrent receives are handled properly. But again, that is the job of the transport parft of the protocol stack.

  • Hi,
    so this mean that wifi and ble share the same fw driver ? or ble and wifi drv are in sync to avoid collision ?
    Also apart of this my dubt is on RF interference, i'm not an RF expert so i hope that BLE and wifi cannot overlap on RF channel.

    Someone perform test ?


  • @queifaro It is already the ESP32 chip having just one pin for RF input and output. And you can expect, that any collisions between WiFi & BLE transmission/receptions are avoided at the driver level.

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