First look: USB Host Expansion Board by Semireg

  • Want to hook up a USB keyboard to your PyCom WiPy? No problem. Need to interface a PyCom FiPy with an industrial machine with a DB-9 serial port? Plug in a standard USB-to-serial cable and get to work.

    Semireg Industries is pleased to announce the USB Host Expansion Board for PyCom dev modules. This board brings any USB device to the IOT. Our custom-designed boards arrived from MacroFab and they are performing as expected. We want to share a first look with the MicroPython community.

    0_1522948270467_2018-04-05 at 12.10 PM.jpg

    Based on the MAX3421E, the USB Host Expansion Board acts as the "computer end" (host) of any USB device. Since USB is not native to WiPy/FiPy/etc, you are in full control of the USB communication. That means it's up to you to write USB drivers in MicroPython. Semireg is here to support your efforts.

    As of today Semireg has working MicroPython USB drivers for the following:

    FTDI USB to Serial (common usb-to-serial w/ DB-9)
    • USB HID - Keyboard
    • USB CDC ACM (common on MSP430 and other non-FTDI serial adapters)

    Our company has experience interfacing with USB devices. We have published two MacOS apps with direct support for USB label printers from Brother, DYMO, Zebra (LabelScope) and USB weight scales (MASS). If there is demand we can port these over to MicroPython so people can build connected weight scales and label printers.

    The board is not yet for sale. We need community feedback before a larger production run.

    • What do people want included on the board?
    • What makes this approach more attractive than a Raspberry Pi?
    • What kind of licensing do your projects demand?

    Semireg Industries is a company based near Minneapolis, USA. We design, build and integrate hardware and software solutions.

  • @semireg Can we buy one?

  • @VST-Admin

    Hi, no update other than it worked as intended our our proof-of-concept.

  • @semireg Is there any update to this product?

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