Pin mappings between GPy and Expansion board 2.0

  • I'm working on I2C with GPy. Which pins on the expansion boards do I have to use for SDA and SCL? Also, I'm aware that I can also define SDA and SCL pins of my choice and use them. But as I observe, definitions are in terms of Px and port numbers on Expansion board are in terms on Gx. Where can I find the mapping between port numbers of my GPy and Expansion board?

  • That worked! Thank you..

  • @sprasad

    You can specify pins using the GXX number directly like so:

    p = Pin(Pin.exp_board.G16, mode=Pin.OUT)

    If you want to use Pxx numbers in your code, just compare the expansion board pinout diagram and the module pinout diagram to see how they map

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