Not able to do GET using urequests library

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to connect to the Internet and fetch a web page. To begin with, I was able to successfully connect to the hotspot on my mobile phone. Later, I'm trying to use urequests library ( to do a GET operation with a URL but failing. Here is my code

    nets = wlan.scan()
    for net in nets:
        if net.ssid == <MY SSID>:
            print('Network found!')
            wlan.connect(net.ssid, auth=(net.sec, 'MY PWD'), timeout=5000)
            while not wlan.isconnected():
                machine.idle() # save power while waiting
            print('WLAN connection succeeded!') #This is displayed
            url = ""
            r = requests.get(url) 
            #Error - TypeError: function takes 2 positional arguments but 
            #four were given

    Even though I'm passing only one argument i.e., URL, how am I getting the above mentioned error? Am I missing something here?
    Also, if there is a tried and tested library that works well for HTTP GET and POST operation with GPy, please suggest the same so that I can try that out.

  • @jmarcelino That worked! Thank you..

  • @sprasad
    Please change line 53 in to be just

    ai = usocket.getaddrinfo(host, port)

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