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  • Hello,
    I'm trying to access mongo db with my GPy board. I have used PyMongo library before to access mongo db in my python scripts. But for that, I had installed PyMongo using pip install on my system. How can I achieve the same using GPy board? Pointers to any examples of pycom boards accessing dbs would also be helpful.

  • @TravisT @jcaron Thank you guys! That is exactly what we decided to do. Connect to a webservice on the internet with wifi and make that communicate with the database.

  • I would agree with @jcaron. What would be easier is to communicate to some sort of backend, like Flask, that parses your data and stores it. A good example would be using a Flask server with MQTT and Mongo, then you can use MQTT from the Gpy to send data back and forth to the backend. This pulls a lot of the overhead on your resourced constrained Gpy.

  • @sprasad Not sure what your use case is, but in general it would probably be more appropriate for the GPy to call a webservice on a server, and have that server connect to the database, rather than trying to connect directly to the database from the GPy.

    But of course YMMV.

  • can you run the following and post back the output:

    import nmongo

    It could be that the library did not upload correctly and hence doesnt work. It might be wirth connecting via FTP and checking the file contents are complete

  • Thanks for the pointer! I uploaded required files onto the board and tried running the example commands from the shell and got this error

    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'connect' 

    Tried to search online but seems like not many people have tried this out! Any tried and tested version of the same?

  • A quick google search for "mongodb micropython" brought up this:

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