LTE support for Telia and Telenor (Norway)

  • We have two providers in Norway, Telia and Telenor that both are rolling out LTE-M and LTE-NB these days.

    From my understanding you have been in contact with both of these. Do you have a timeframe of when you are able to support one of these? At the moment it could be either CAT-M or CAT-NB as we are in the prototyping stage and could at the moment use either network.

  • Hi @jardar

    As far as I know Telenor is NB-IoT only, however their network uses Huawei basestations which our modem doesn't yet connect properly to (there's only some preliminary support)

    Telia is deploying Cat M1, we're in contact with them and doing some tests but so far have not managed to connect and the issues seem to point again to modem firmware which we need to work with the manufacturer.

    Unfortunately I personally cannot give timeframes when either NB-IoT is fully supported on Huawei networks for Telenor or when we'll be able to connect to Telia's Cat M1.

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