Want to join an NB-IoT Workshop with Vodafone 25-26 April 2018?

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    Hi All,

    Yes, there's still a few spaces available for the NB-IoT workshop we're hosting with Vodafone in Amsterdam next week.

    It's a 2-day workshop and the good news is that it's free. You'll get the opportunity to interact with both Vodafone and Pycom evangelists and the idea is that all participants walk out of there with a working PoC in the shape of a Pycom GPy kit that's on-boarded on the Vodafone network and ready for further IoT App development.

    Right now, Vodafone are covering Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and much of Germany with NB-IoT. we understand that CAT-M1 is not far behind either. And of course, many more both Vodafone and other networks are rolling out over the coming months.

    These last few spaces are likely to go quickly so do get in touch soonest if that is of interest: bettina@pycom.io.

    Best wishes

  • @bettina Hi Bettina,
    I am based in Australia and developing a remote flood monitoring solution using LoPy4 (soon to be FiPy).
    I have plans to work with Vodafone locally and wish to get a proof of concept together using NB-IoT.
    Can you share information about the outcomes of the NB-IoT workshop to help get me started.
    I have systems working with Sigfox and LoRaWAN. Now just want to adapt to test with NB-IoT.


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