REPL via WLAN.STA server

  • On LoPy + PySense, trying to get REPL working over WLAN.STA, to free up UART0 for other use.

    Is there any option for e.g. os.dupterm(server) to just run REPL over WLAN?
    Work OK with os.dupterm(uart) if I only enter commands via WLAN
    Weird stuff happens on WLAN if I key commands via UART0.


  • Thanks.

    If I set os.dupterm(None), I get a telnet login on WLAN which works OK ('Login succeeded!), but no REPL '>>>' on WLAN (or UART0) as might be expected. indicates dupterm requires a stream_object. I have tried the obvious wlan and server instances without success. What is the relevant object here?

  • @ljohnway
    i do not remember if this is working but you can disable repl

    and then simply connect to lopy throught telnet
    this should work - but i do not tested this..
    this is only concept you must test this self

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