Two questions to pycom. Protect code and delivery of fipy

  • I write this here not be email because i suppose this is common question by all developer/manufacturer.
    Maybe not hobbyists.

    1. Is this possible to protect code written by me to - e.g. Wipy, Lopy or new fipy?
      you know i write something and need that "no one" can read programm code.

    2. I know that fipy is not avaiable yet. But after day 0, how fast can you deliver 1000 fipy?
      I read somewhere that you have problem with ESP32 that it is not avaiable fast.

  • @daniel
    great for both answers
    thank you

  • Hello @livius,

    It will be possible in the future for the 3 boards to encrypt the python scripts with a key that it's inside the ESP32 itself and cannot be read externally.

    The ESP32 is ramping up production and that's why supply is not fully stable yet, but next year there should be no issue with big orders. After day 0 we can probably deliver 1000 FiPy in a matter of days if the boards are on stock.


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