Connecting two Lopy4's to Wi-Fi Help

  • Hello,

    I am trying to connect two Lopy4's to each other via Wi-Fi. The end goal is to have the two devices connected to the same wi-fi so that they will be able to send and receive data to each other. I am really new to using these devices and have been looking all over the Internet on how to go about this but have come up empty. I've looked on but I'm still struggling. Could someone provide a nice step-by-step way from start to finish on how to do this?


  • @letsgo If you have a home router & access point, the easiest is to have both LoPys connected to that. For that, follow the instructions at, section: Connecting to a router.
    if you want to connect them directly, one of them has to run as access point (AP), the other as station (STA). Since the devices run as AP by default, you just have to reconfigure one of them the way, told above.

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