Internal PCB/Metal LoRa Antennas

  • Hi all,

    This post goes alongside a previous one of my posts, regarding LoRa antennas.

    I'm interested in the successes/failures and personal experiences from using PCB/Metal Internal Antennas. I'm trying to find the best solution to use in a small batch of LoPy Temperature/Humidity sensors I am installing. All would be required to have a uFL connector for the LoPy, as well as have a small form-factor to fit inside a wall-mount enclosure.

    So far I've had a look at the following options:

    Taoglas PC81 Momopole PCB Antenna - I've been advised that Monopole is not the way to go and that these can detune (as PCB).

    Taoglas FXP280 Flex Dipole Flat Antenna - Have had mixed results with these. Have been advised that flexible antennas detune easily.

    Morava 868MHz PCB Antenna - Awaiting shipment of these for review

    ProAnt AB PRO-EB-472 Evaluation Board (Metal Antenna) - This looks ideal however is huge (about 1inch x 3inches) and uses an SMA connector instead of u.FL.

    I'd be interested in other antennas that have been used by the community, which should help me make a decision!

    From what I can see, a 'metal' antenna like the ProAnt, but mounted on a small PCB with a uFL pigtail would be ideal. I understand that these are indented to be soldered onto a final product, but there must exist a solution that meets the needs of the small runs (100 units) of LoPy-Built devices everyone is using.


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