New beta firmware updater 1.13.1.b4

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    Beta Version 1.13.1.b4 is now available:

    Here are the download links:

    Windows download
    MacOS download
    Linux downloads

    The main reason for this release is to produce a unified updater that also supports the upcoming release of Pybytes. You shouldn't see anything Pybytes related in this release (please let me know if you do).

    There are also a few bug fixes so it's still worth upgrading to this release.

    Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

  • @xykon For me it is sufficient as it is now.

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    @robert-hh Great thanks a lot. I'll leave it as is for now as I don't want to risk breaking something else by activating this reset by default.

    If you have any other ideas to make the tool more useful please let me know.

  • @xykon Yes, that seems to work. Thanks a lot.

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    @robert-hh The new release is out now. Can you please test the new -r / --reset option to see if that's working?

  • @xykon Thanks for the response. The espressif's reset method works with almost any ESP32 and ESP8266 board, like those of Wemos or Sparkfun. But I can test that if you like.

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    @robert-hh Hello Robert,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    I don't have a board to test switching into firmware update mode using Espressif's reset method, so I can't really test if it works. I will add support to manually enable the reset. I think the reason we disabled it in the first place was because it was crashing the PIC based boards so it shouldn't be a problem to enable it by default in ftdi mode but before I do this I want to make sure I've tested it on all operating systems.

    I also found the bug that was preventing some commands to not run properly when running the tool with the -c / --continuation option. This should be fixed in the next release (probably Sunday or Monday).

  • @xykon Hello @xycon. This is a good tool for maintaining devices. I have a request for an extension. At the moment, switching into bootloader mode either uses a FTDI or PIC mode. the FTDI mode requires a GPIO0->GND jumper and a manual reset. However, operations which include several steps do not seem to work this way, like for instance erase_fs.
    Also, is it possible to implement the bootloader-mode transition the way esptool initially supports, by toggling RTS and DTR? I made few e baseboards myself with the standard two transistor logic, avoiding the hazzle with the PIC.

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