How can I send data to RFM95 chip (LoRa)

  • Hello and good evening,

    I am using an Pycom Lopy4 and I connect a temperature sensor and later some moisture sensor.
    When I started with Lopy, I leart to use CayenneLPP and it's work fine.

    For my protoyp, I need to send data to a "coordinator" or a gateway (LoRaWANN), which will receive the measure and send it to a remote server because. I do not to want to invest money when I have devises. It the reason why, I would like to use a Raspberry with LoRa hat
    LoRa hat. I could make the exercise with a Feathe LoRa Module.

    Now my goeal, is to modify my LoPy4 to send the value to my Raspbery trought the RFM95 chip. And then the Raspberry will treat the data and send it to a remote location because of the WiFi conection of the Raspberry. The Raspberry and the LoPy4 will have a distance of some kilometers.

    As the Lopy work with a 868Mhz, I suppose it possible to comminucate between to devise.

    But how would you advise me to program my python code of the PyLo4 to send data to another devise which act as a LoRa server with a RFM95 chip?

    Would it be possible to tell LoPy to send only to my RFM95? This is not important, but if I can avoid the other devise get my measure, could be nice :)

    Or, does Lopy4 work only between Lopy4?
    [](link url)

    That would be a solution (and may be the easiest) as LoPy has the WiFi but for now I would prefer working with a Raspery/LoRa hat as I alredy work with it, and my LoRa hat has a LCD screen where I can display message regarding the communication. and, I do not have two LoPy4 :)

    Many thank fro your clarification

    but after sending my post, I think, it's not possible to send data from a LoPy4 to a RFM95, because the chip are not the same as LoPy use a ESP32. That's right?

  • @pierrot10 Hi, are you able to solve the issue?

  • @jmarcelino Great ! Thank a lot. I am going to try it this evening

  • @pierrot10
    I'm sure it'll work RFM95 if both it and the LoPy are tuned to a common set of parameters but Pycom can't officially support these configurations.

    You can use the RN2483 docs as a reference for a "known good" parameters suitable for your application (provided you're in EU868 region, that's assumed from the RN2483)

  • @jmarcelino Thank for your reply. So do you mean that Lypo4 can not send to other devise tan RN2583, as a RFM95? or do you mean that Pycom only support RN2483 but it does not mean that LoPy4 will nit work with RFM95 chip

  • @pierrot10
    Pycom supports raw LoRa to the Microchip Rn2483

    It may help you understand the common set of parameters which need to match

  • @pierrot10 It should be no problem to send data between different devices using the same protocol and technology. It is only important to use the same transmission parameters, which may be the challenge with the combination of Lopy and RFM95.
    Besides that, i have here a Fipy and LoPy communicating, and both FiPy and Lopy communicating to another LoRa device.

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