Enabling 'Wake-On-Motion' feature on MPU 9250 9DOF Orientation sensor

  • Hello,
    I'm working with MPU 9250 9DOF orientation sensor interfaced with my GPy board. I have used the following libraries
    https://github.com/micropython-IMU/micropython-mpu9x50 and
    I'm successfully able to read accel, mag and gyro values. Also, using the fusion library I'm able to get Heading, Pitch and Roll data.
    As the selected sensor supports 'Wake On Motion' feature, I'm trying to enable the same so that I can wake my GPy board using the interrupt generated by the accel on movement. But I see that the libraries that I'm using don't talk about it. Has anyone achieved the same using pycom board/ micropython? Any pointers to start from would also be helpful.

  • hi @sprasad,

    So you're interfacing orientation sensor directly with GPY, right?
    You could control RST pin of GPY, or control Vin(3.5V-5.5V) from your powering scheme.

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