LoPy4 Firmware 1.17.1.b1

  • Hello guys,

    I am using a LoPy4 as an ABP node to send data to a nano gateway (utilizing a LoPy4). Before upgrading to the 1.17.1. B1 firmware my code was working correctly and now when I try to send some bytes to the nano gateway the LoPy4 freezes.

    I was creating a socket using DR=2, but now it only works when I use DR=0 or DR=4.

    Is that some bug or am I doing something wrong? I searched the forum to see if I could find anything related, but I didn't find.

    I appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance

  • @helalbr I used both. But after the devices had been authenticated by OTAA once, I copied the credentials from the TTN console into the ABP script. ABP starts faster.

  • @jclo13 Hi, sorry about the long wait.

    Are you using ABP or OTAA to authenticate with the NanoGateway?

    I had problems with the nano gateway not receiving packages twice. The first one was my mistake. I set the node's frequency to 904.9MHz and the NanoGateway's frequency to 903.9MHz. I was receiving some packages with a poor RSSI, but when I matched the node and NanoGateway frequencies, the problem vanished.

    The second time I don't know what happened. I checked the code dozens of time and could not find any error, but the NanoGagteway wasn't receiving data although the distance between the node and Nanogateway was close (10 meters). I erased the node and NanoGateway file systems and reuploaded my code, and everything went back to normal.

  • @helalbr

    hello, I have updated my lopy to the version, however it has stopped connecting with my nanogateway, I would say that it hangs since the nanogateway does not recive any package. I have used the other nanogateway with the updated firmware and I have the same problem, I have the same problem with the lopy and the lopy4, could you tell me how do you connect, since previously my lopys were connected without any problem.

    I am using the same band 915 MHz

    Thanks in advance.

  • @jcaron @robert-hh Hi guys, sorry for taking me so long to reply. When I updated to firmware 1.17.3.b1 the problem vanished.

    @jcaron Im in Brazil and using the US915 band.

  • @jcaron When updating to 1.17.3.b1, also update the nano-gateway code from the examples library, otherwise OTAA join will not work.

  • @helalbr First, note that the latest release is 1.17.3.b1.

    Once you have re-tested with that version, please specify which region you are in, and please share the relevant parts of your code (the minimum code that can be used to reproduce the problem).

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