No serial com port over USB on OSX

  • I have the same problem with both the WiPy and LoPy. I am unable to get a serial connection over usb/extension board. I'm using OSX 10.12.1.

    • I can connect over telnet and ftp
    • all jumpers are in place
    • the usb cable has data lines
    • I can connect to the original pboard over usb
    • No com port shows when I type ls /dev/cu.* (other than the built-in bluetooth)
    • I'm running the latest firmware on the LoPy

    I'm guessing that this is a driver issue, but I've had no luck with those that have been posted on the forums in the past. Please help!

  • Hi

    so on my iMac, running El Capitan, it is /dev/tty.usb. That is the same as I found it in various post on the Internet. I usually enter "screen /dev/tty.u<tab> 115200" on the commandline.

  • Have you tried rebooting the Mac? I had the same problem and the reboot helped.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @Fizzyorr,

    Thanks for the info. Are you sure you have the FTDI drivers installed? If you can connect over telnet to the REPL, the driver is the only issue I can think of, besides a broken expansion board. Let me know if (re)installing these drivers help with your problem, otherwise we'll have to look in to this some more.


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