WLAN power saving

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    I see that there is a power saving option in STA mode. How does this work and how much could I expect to save?

    The documentation states:
    "power_save enables or disables power save functions in STA mode."

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    @jardar I had the same question today. (Funny coincidence.) I found this by searching the forum:
    "The only optimisation at the moment is enabling WLAN Power Saving in STA mode (basically the WiFi radio only 'wakes up' at the beacon interval set by your gateway) so you'll see current go down to about 50mA and then 100+ mA at the wake intervals. This is done by re-initilizating WLAN with power_save=True option. However it's not perfect yet, it may caused network timeouts for some people so it became disabled again by default." (Source)

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