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  • It's already 6 weeks since 1.17.3.b1 was released. I would appreciate if Pycom could provide roadmap for future releases including estimated time-frames.

    We have custom board with G01 sitting on our desk for weeks without any possibility to make it compatible with NB-IoT network - the only available LTE modem upgrade procedure involves SD card which is not available on the board. In the meantime our customers are waiting... Hope upgrade procedure using serial connection comes soon.

    Another feature we could greatly benefit from is ESP32 light sleep which should be available in ESP-IDF v3.0.

  • Hi

    A roadmap would be highly appreciated, even if dates can not be set in detail it would be nice if there where som sort of roadmap with what features that can be expected in the next few releases.

    This could also be a way to get input on the priority of what goes into each release.

    At the same time it gives some indication on what features we can expect and thus do some planning accordingly by finding workaround solution or adjust the features of the product depending on the the pycom modules.

  • Thanks @danielm

    I've rechecked my thoughts on that and you're right, the current implementation uses MMC and is limited to very specific pins. An SPI version could be written which would let you select the pins but I agree, for now it's a risky operation if you only have one device.

  • @jmarcelino
    I was also thinking to temporary add SD-card slot by soldering wires directly do G01 pads.
    According to documentation the only pins which can be used for SD card connection are following:
    P8: DAT0, P23: SCLK and P4: CMD
    Is this true?

    As current LTE modem firmware upgrade procedure does not seem to be very reliable I am in doubts if we should try to perform it with the single prototype board (with G01 soldered on top) we have. We were successful with our FiPy but many users had issues to finish the upgrade successfully.

  • Thanks for the feedback @danielm

    The team is aware it would help to have a roadmap of future releases but it's not something we can provide immediately.

    The improved LTE firmware updater including serial streaming is being developed but I can't yet offer a release date. All I can say is for sure we'll have it as soon as it's ready as it's a highly requested feature. In the meantime are there no spare pins on your design you can use to connect to an SD card breakout?

    Pycom is aware of the light sleep developments but it's not something that can simply be added in a few days so appreciate your patience.

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