Pymate connection failure - assertion error in when trying to run

  • Hi all. Can anyone else connect to their LoPy (or any other device) using Pymate? I am trying to accomplish this, and I manage to add the device in my android app, but it never connects.

    When opening from my Atom/Pymakr setup, I see that it attempts to connect to a wifi network, then initiates the pymate/MQTT service. I slightly modified the code to provide a little more information. My LED now turns red on power-up and then turns green when successfully connected to my wifi network (and I know it's connected because I use Fing to see all devices connected to my Wifi network and my LoPy device appears among them).

    When it gets to trying to start the service, I get an assertion error in the REPL that can be traced back to, line 168. This is about as far as my knowledge of such things ends.

    Is anyone else able to replicate this? Is it a bug or something I am doing wrong? Any clues? I am very excited to use the pymate interface, but it still seems very buggy.

    Thanks all.

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