LoRaMAC freeze

  • Hi pycom team,
    I have made an experiment using 2 lopy to get the distance LoRa can transmit at my housing area. The longest distance is 309m with obstacles (houses), I encountered a problem, the gateway will stop working or freeze at random time intervals. I thought I lost signal but when I get near to the node, it still not sending any signal. I have to restart to make it reconnect. Any idea what is the problem and solution how can I make it auto connect or auto restart?

    Thank you.

  • @jcaron @robert-hh so sorry for late, because these 2 days im quite busy

    I just updated both lopy to the latest version

    after i update i have problem connect to Adafruit, which is OSError:-1

    I combine my code with this tutorials link

  • @vicky_ Also, what version of the firmware are you running (on both LoPys)?

  • @vicky_ Which code configuration are you using? Some of the examples from the lib? Without knowing, it is hard to tell what happens.

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