Interrupt Problem

  • I'm relatively new to this, so give me a break. That said:

    I'm trying to get an LED to respond to a button press. From what I can tell, this should happen with callbacks/Interrupts. As I've not seen any callbacks implemented for this board (I do see it for the pyboard however). So I guess I'll have to make my own interrupt.

    I'm trying to use the expansion board button to just change the value of the LED. I've looked up the PIN that the documentation says this button is tied to and tried to implement this. I'm either getting an error that what I'm trying to do isn't allowed (I'm trying to work in the REPL because the Pycom IDE won't connect to my WiPy 2.0 at all - completely different story that I've given up on as I can connect via FTP as well as Serial - but the IDE just won't. NVM).

    Are there any examples someone has that shows this specific board implementing an interrupt properly? Or even just explaining a little better might help. The documentation is probably clear to someone else, but it isn't clicking for me. All of the examples utilize either the pyb.Timer (which isn't available to me on this board) or a Pin.callback() function which again isn't available.

    Thank you very much.

  • Yeah @livius I actually already posted there - thanks. If anyone else is looking, that is where you can find the solution to this issue. @KMcLoud very kindly posted his solution and I'm digging deeper now that this is resolved. Much appreciated.

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