Pycom Gpy ADC pins consumes 250mA ???

  • Hi all,
    I have a urgent question. I am using my pycom Gpy to just read analog data and then trun on the LTE once a day and send the day to the cloud through LTE. But I observed that just analog read consumes a lot about 250 mA of current. can someone help? I was expecting it to consume current in about uA when just doing analog read. Below is my simple code. Please help!!!

    import machine
    for w in range(0,100):
    import machine
    adc = machine.ADC() # create an ADC object
    apin ='P15') # create an analog pin on P16
    val = apin()
    ppm = val + ppm

    avg2 = ppm/100
    final_ppm = avg2/0.85

  • @robert-hh Got thanks it works!!

  • @tanmay07 It looks like the LTE hardware is consuming that current. I have that on my FiPy's, that they consume substantial power even if LTE is not used. lte.deinit() helps in that case.

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