Cancel WDT

  • Is there any way to cancel or deinit a previously created WDT?

  • Sorry @jmarcelino for missing that bit in the documentation... it makes sense now.

    Thank you @MarcoBenini for the information about the defaults. That seems like a good solution.

  • To add that watchdog timer is actived at boot in the "standard" firmware.
    It can be set or checked its configuration using pycom.wdt_on_boot([enable]) ands pycom.wdt_on_boot_timeout([timeout]) commands.

    Default timeout in the firmware is 4294967295 ms (something less than 50 days).

    Description of commands: pycom module

  • Hi @berni
    As the documentation says you cannot stop the WDT once initialised, you can only change the timeout:

    "Initialises the watchdog timer. The timeout must be given in milliseconds. Once it is running the WDT cannot be stopped but the timeout can be re-configured at any point in time."

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