New Firmware Updater version 1.15.0

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    Today we release a new firmware updater 1.15.0

    GUI version:

    There is a new option in the Welcome screen to "Send anonymous usage statistics". This is enabled by default but can be disabled and (hopefully) this choice is remembered.

    The data we collect here is the operating system version and success status of the upgrade plus the final error message if the upgrade was unsuccessful. This helps us better understand what types of operating systems are used and allows us to better diagnose issues.

    The firmware updater will now create a configuration file to store some settings. On Windows systems, this should normally be stored in the "USERPROFILE" directory as pycom_fwtool.cfg
    On MacOS and Linux systems, this is stored in your "HOME" directory as .pycom_fwtool.cfg
    If neither of these locations are defined as an environment variable, the file will be stored in the same directory as the pycom_fwtool executable.

    CLI updater:

    There is now an alternate way to use the flash command. Rather than specifying a tar archive, you can specify a single partition and binary file to flash. Unlike the copy command, this is internally processed in the same way as using a firmware archive based on a script with a single "w" instruction writing to a named partition, so the new improvements in the scripting engine will be used in this case.

    Please let me know if you have any issues.

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