Universal IP67 Case availability

  • Is it possible to know when the new Universal IP67 Case will be available?
    if was for April, then May and we're in June and we have no news. I'm not in a hurry but I'm on business and appreciate some feedback/communication on this subject.

  • @dan
    just dropped a mail to sales for a coupon/refund or new order (whatever)
    Now I just need to wait for a answer, because last time I emailed for a question about VAT of my order I didn't received any answer.

  • @jcaron yes, this one. The product shows "out of stock" for me, so you can't buy them at the moment. I have forwarded your feedback to our team and we'll update the product page.

  • @dan Are we actually talking about the new "Universal IP67 case", and not the older ones? It would be appropriate to notify buyers and send refunds without having to ask for them...

    Also, I note that both cases are still being sold on your site (with a shipment date back in May 2018 for the Universal case)...

  • @dan what do you mean by something else, will another one will be available?

    So if I understand correctly, the new universal case will never exists?

    Does the old one (not universal) will be continued?

  • Hi @Charly86 and @Ryzo,

    We've decided to go with something else, so they won't be available anymore. If you have already ordered one, send an email to sales@pycom.io to get a refund.

  • @robert-hh yes, I got plenty of IP67 cases from Aliexpress and I even designed boards to fit into.
    I can also use the old IP67 one from Pycom (I'm doing this today)
    But I need one that fit the PyTrack and I need the transparent version. I'm just asking when I'll get delivered from the one I ordered and paid 6 months ago


  • @charly86 There are plenty of IP67 cases on the market of any size, material and mounting options. The only additional effort to make is drilling suitable holes for the antenna, if you do not use an internal antenna, and maybe making an interchange board for assymbling the module w/o making an additional hole in the box.

  • @charly86 I would also appreciate an update on this, having been a while for this to be released.

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