Uploading code to the Lopy 4 without pymakr

  • Hi,
    I'm an archlinux user for who the pymakr_ide crashes. Anyway, i'm not a fan of IDE to programm this kind of board (the lopy4).

    What are my options to programm a lopy4 (for example, uploading micropython to be executed at each boot) without using an IDE?
    It seems there is no such option in the « Getting started » doc in the website.



  • @re The LoPy4 has like any xxPy device a WiFI connection and starts both a FTP and Telnet server. So you can use ftp and suitbale ftp clients like FileZilla and FireFTP to manage files on the LoPy4. see the FTP section of the docs: https://docs.pycom.io/chapter/gettingstarted/programming/FTP.html
    You can configure both clients to donwload/upload files into the editor of your choice when you double-click them in the devices file pane.

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